Case Study


Startup – Consumer Products – eCommerce


Napkin Phase Drinkup

Thriving Solutions was a new consumer product/e-commerce brand that was still in the napkin phase. The CEO had developed a hydration reminder that fit on any bottle including disposable bottles. The product was being manufactured and the client was ready to start developing both the corporate brand and product.

Phase 1 – Research



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Analysis Objectives:

  • Target Audience Personas
  • Market Segmentation
  • Identify Market Share 
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Windows of opportunity

“Fluid intake monitoring is an essential component in preventing dehydration and overhydration, especially for the senior population. Numerous critical health problems are associated with poor or excessive drinking such as swelling of the brain and heart failure. Real-time systems for monitoring fluid intake will not only measure the exact amount consumed by the users but could also motivate people to maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing feedback to encourage them to hydrate regularly throughout the day. ” SOURCE


Market Research Strategy

Research Objectives:

  • Define the target industry.
  • Industry Outlook
  • Identify Market Share 
  • Identify Data Collection Methods


“The elderly population is at an increased risk for dehydration for a number of reasons, including a decrease in the thirst sensation, a decrease in renal perfusion, altered sensitivity to antidiuretic hormone, and neurocognitive deficits.” (SOURCE)

Audience Persona

Brand Development

Thriving Solutions

Phase 2 –

Brand Strategy


Logo Design Chosen

Logo Design #1

Sustainable Solutions

Our products are easy to use and maintain. Instead of having to remember to use a specific water bottle. Our product works with any water bottle. 

Core Values

Healthcare Solutions

Many people suffer from chronic illnesses and daily hydration is a necessity for survival. Our product provides a way for people to remember to stay hydrated easily. 

Attainable Solutions

Our products are affordable, so anyone who wants to create healthier hydration habits can do so without breaking the bank. 

Product Development
Hydra Pulse -

Phase 3-


Campaign Results

Page Likes : 1,043 
Reach 10,552

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