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The brand development process is designed to develop the foundation & framework for every person or organization I work with. This process applies to clients who do not have a brand already established. If you have your branding complete please review my marketing strategy process. 




The research phase of the branding project is about gathering information and analyzing the findings. I conduct industry research, competitors- (SWOT), target audience, and all of your existing branding.

Step 1

Market Research Strategy , Research Methodology Budget, Target Audience, Channels/Tactics, Market Analysis, Market Validation, Target Audience Personas, Target Audience Characteristics , Market Share, Market Segmentation , Revenue Projects, Marketing Budget

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A brand strategy explains your brand personality and tone. It has your business goals, positioning statement, tagline, and vision for the future. A brand strategy is NOT a marketing strategy. A brand strategy is about who you are.

Step 2

Marketing Campaign, Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, Public Relations (press release, media kits), Paid Promotion Brand Development, Core Values, Mission Statement, Positioning/Differentiation, Brand Voice and Tone, Brand Identity and Tagline



Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that separates the brand. Design thinking can be applied to improve services, product design, external and internal communications.

Step 3

Logo Design, Textures, Font/Typeface, Mood Board , Color Palette, Social Media Branding, Web Design, WordPress, Shopify, Landing Page, Marketing Funnels & Automation, SEO, Copywriting, Campaign Copy, Content Calendar, Email Content Calendar, Social media content calendar, Blog Posts

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Your rebrand or new brand identity will be launched on various channels. Launching can be very small like sending a custom email to a full brand awareness campaign with a website and video. Full reporting and data collection.

Step 4

Social Media Brand Awareness Campaign, Social Media Audience Builder, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Video Ads, Boosted Post, Geo Targeting, Marketing Automation, Landing Page, Communications , Media Kit, Press Report

Brand Strategy & Development

 Brand Strategy, Development & Brand Mgmt.  To view the complete case study for DSP Business Academy click HERE

"Not all Heroes Wear Capes, Some Drive "

Brand Awareness Campaign Sold $10500 in courses and 134% ROI

The One Percent Program

Designed complete course and built website.
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 I have experience running campaigns for budgets up to $20K a month. My skills include market analysis, market research, marketing strategy, audits, and product development. My process includes inbound marketing, outbound marketing, experiential marketing, and traditional marketing tactics.  Click HERE


Social Media Brand Awareness Campaign

Parents Against Negligent Daycare

Social Media Brand Awareness


Swimming & Drowning Awareness

Digital Banner Ad & Custom HTML Email

FIU Digital Banner Ad Campaign Results

I increased click rate by 0.22% with a rate of 0.47%.

FIU Email Newsletter Campaign

Created Custom HTML Email Newsletters